Bright Outside the box

Dear Parents of ADD, or even ADDish, children,

Are you Sick of Struggling with your Child over Homework and Chores?
Are You Tired of Being Tired Due to Poor Sleep Patterns?

Are You Frustrated by Unexpected Behavior?

The bigger question is —What can you do about it?

Please join me for

ReADDy or Not: What does ADD mean for my child and ME?

This is a 5 part teleseries, designed with parents in mind, to learn more about ADD challenges and the strategies to help calm the chaos of ADD in your life.  We’ll explore what it means to be diagnosed, or not; the truths about medicine and alternatives; what’s normal for an ADHD child; how to make sleep a habit; how to handle homework hassles—and get the work turned in!  And, much more!

I created this course for YOU, the many parents who want to know more about this thing called AD(H)D and how you can help your child(ren) without taking a second mortgage out on your home! 

Through my work with ADD adults, I have learned that self-esteem and confidence take a hit at a very young age.  As a parent, you can see it.  Nothing can compare to that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach as you watch your child struggle and sink into the world of ‘not good enough.’  The key to success, as I have witnessed, is helping parents and children work with AD(H)D when children are young.  Imagine your child saying to their teacher, “Excuse me Ms. X, but I can’t really test that way.  I have trouble processing things visually.  I know the material.  Can you please test me in another way?”  I can!  I have seen it happen!  Regardless of the answer, which in this case was a maybe, this child had the confidence to ask!  This child knew that he/she was smart and capable, AND that he/she just learned differently.

The benefits of this program are immense—tools, strategies, support, etc.  However, the REAL benefits are those that we don’t often speak about. 

Develop better understanding of your child
Enjoy a better relationship with your child

Gain increased awareness of ADD tendencies

See an increase in your child’s confidence and self-esteem

Have a happier and more relaxed family

Experience a peaceful family meal.

Most importantly, have more FUN time for your family and YOU!

Yes! I know this is for me—SIGN ME UP NOW 

Sounds great, but I want to know more about the topics.

Our topics were chosen based on inquiries by parents.  Here’s what we are asked about the most:

  • Who should you go to?  (Psychologist, Neuropsychologist or Psychiatrist?)
  • What questions to ask?
  • What role does genetics play?
  • What if I don’t agree with/believe the diagnosis?

  • Truths vs. Myths
  • Alternatives
  • What to watch for
  • What’s ‘normal’ for ADD/ADHD?
  • Why does my child do that? And, what can I do about it?
  • When is the behavior due to AD(H)D and when is it due to being a kid?
  • What’s the struggle about?  What’s happening inside the brain?
  • What’s an IEP? 504?  Do you need one?
  • Strategies and tools to get homework done—and turned in!
Sleep -
  • Making sleep a habit
  • Tricks of the trade
  • Now that they are sleeping, how do you wake them up?

We know that while this information is important—you may need MORE!  So, we also offer:

        2 Open Q/A calls.
        An Online Forum to connect with other parents.
        Hand-outs and Articles to deepen the learning.
        Special Bonus Interviews with leading experts.
        Recordings of all the calls in MP3 format so you can listen at your convenience.

You won’t miss out on anything!

Our course will actually span 6 weeks and we have added a BONUS follow-up call so that you have time to try new ideas, see what works, and get feedback or support.

This is just what I need!  Sign me up NOW!

So, who am I and why am I doing this? 
Kricket Harrison
I am a Certified Professional ADD Coach, and you can read about my credentials here

I know this because I have direct experience with the challenges and talents that ADD offers.  

My story: I have been coaching since 2002, but my focus on AD(H)D really began in 2007.  That’s when it entered our family, and I started on a path that would change my life.  I wanted to know more.  No, I needed to know more.  I needed to understand how to help my family. I studied everything available, and I do mean everything from books and periodicals to white papers. I attended lectures and even participated in online forums.  Although I was learning a lot, I wasn’t getting the tools I was searching for.  Since I was already coaching, an intensive Professional ADHD Coaching course seemed like the logical thing to help me help my family move forward.  (Coaching is ALL about learning and moving forward.)  During this training I learned about the differences in the AD(H)D brain as well as how individual learning, processing and communication styles affect performance.  I realized that most of the clients I was highly successful with fit this ADD profile—highly creative, artistic, innovative, out-of-the-box thinkers, and challenged by poor time management, follow-through, working memory, etc.

Suddenly, my plan to help my family merged with my career and took me in a whole new direction.  I have been working with ADD adults and families ever since.  I have the knowledge and tools to help people understand their unique learning styles and to create structures that support them.

I am a Certified Professional ADD Coach with my own company and a Professional ADD Coach for Parkaire Consultants.  I am also a coach for the Edge Foundation (  I serve on the Executive Board for the ADHD Coaches Organization and I am a Professional Member of both ADDA and CHADD.  I speak at local events, schools and conferences.  I was selected to present at the national CHADD Conference in November 2011.

I now have the opportunity to enhance the lives of those with ADD (and their families) as well as change the way the world views ADD. 

So if my story sounds familiar, and you are ready to learn how to work with ADD instead of against it, please join me September 19th for ReADDy or Not: What does ADD mean for my Child and ME?

Because of my experience with ADD, I know first-hand how expensive all of this ADD training can be.  I don’t want to add to that burden.

THEREFORE—I am offering ALL of this for a fraction of the cost of the doctors and testing.
Your TOTAL investment is only $497.  Well, that’s how the class was planned.  I don’t want anyone to miss out on this so I am going to offer a Fast Action Savings of $200.

Register by September 15th and Your TOTAL investment is NOW $297

That includes EVERYTHING--Over 12 hours of time and materials.  All 5 classes, EXTRA Bonus Interviews with Leading Experts, 2 Open Q/A calls, an online forum, handouts, articles and downloadable mp3 files (so you won’t miss a thing.)

YES!  I want to register NOW!

Still have questions?  Email me at

See you on September 19th!

PS-Remember that child that with the test that I mentioned earlier….well, that maybe turned into a YES!

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